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Spam Filtering Updates for Christmas
Posted on Wednesday, December 06 @ 09:00:00 EST by admin

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No one likes checking their email in the morning and having to waste several minutes filtering through the unsolicited bulk emails from the night before. Spam solutions are not so much solutions as they are helpers. It's impossible for a computer program to out-smart a real person who is working fulltime thinking of ways to make people see their advertising message. And there are a lot of people around the world working fulltime to do so. We donít claim our spam filtering is going to be the end of your spamming problems. But we do claim it will help.

Prior to November updates, %50 of emails were tagged as Spam

Up until Thanksgiving we were tagging only about 1 in every 2 emails as spam through our spam filtering system. The email industry reports similar spam percentages. Reports using sources from Google, Brightmail, Jupiter Research and other major mail providers concluded 40% up to 90% of all email is spam. The actual number varies from person to person and depends on how spam is defined. The one assertion accepted by all providers is that spam volume has been increasing and is continuing to increase every year.

After receiving feedback from some of our spam filter users, I decided to analyze the spam in my own mailbox and came up with some new ways to better identify it. While I canít go into the details in a public document, I was able to design a few more ways to catch the bad stuff. Since implementing the new rules our system-wide spam ratio is now 75% spam to 25% good.

After Thanksgiving 2006 updates, %75 of emails are being tagged as Spam

I now spend a few less minutes a day with spam in my mailbox. Thereís also less offensive subject material to browse. Thatís something to be thankful about.

If you are an customer and are interested in how we identify spam we are more than glad to go over the details. We just didnít want to publish our techniques and have the bad guys read it and thwart our efforts. If your domain is on our spam filtering system, please give us your feedback. We canít make it better without your involvement.

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