Spam Vs. Ham Report for April 2007
Date: Wednesday, April 18 @ 16:00:00 EDT
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We compiled a couple of reports for spam detection from the spam filtering solution. The results are:

57% of Emails are identified as Spam
22% of Emails are possibly Spam
21% of Emails are probably Ham (good emails)

Our spam filtering solution is very flexible, and not all customers are configured the same way. In fact, many of our customers are not configured for spam filtering at all. We hope to engage everyone over the coming year because no one is immune to this global problem.

Pictures say a million words so here are a few graphs:

This shows the volume of emails identified at various spam scores. The higher the spam score on an email, the more spam rules it has matched and the more likely the email is spam.
Spam Detection Stats - April 2007

One of our spam filtering solutions takes a complex approach to saving you time on filtering through spam in your mailbox. It involves identifying three categories: Probably Ham, Possibly Spam, and Probably Spam.
Spam vs. Ham - April 2007

More information coming.

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