Georgia's Piedmont Created For All YMCAs in Area
Date: Thursday, June 28 @ 15:00:00 EDT
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Georgia's Piedmont is the parent company of two different YMCAs: Bell Family YMCA and Winder YMCA. What they wanted to accomplish was to move the Winder YMCA site that was currently on our servers underneath the umbrella of Georgia's Piedmont and also add a new Bell YMCA website. In addition, we were asked to put this site on the portal system of WebMaster CMS. Basically, these three sites are put together under the banner of Georgia's Piedmont and all link together in very different ways.

Their main goals in this design were to create an umbrella site for their two YMCAs at Winder and Bell Family. This required a complete restructure of what was the Winder YMCA site that had on their servers. Not only would it be a restructure of the navigation, it would be a transfer to our WebMaster CMS system. Also it included a brand new Bell Family and Georgia Piedmont website.

Of course, we completely did this with no problems. We transferred all of the pages on the Winder site to a portal system in order to efficiently edit the pages. The site was also connected with the other two new sites as Georgia Piedmont the parent company of the two. The Bell Family site was also created with Winder's new redesign in mind, as well as Georgia Piedmont.

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