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Ten Virtues of

We want long term and faithful relationships with our customers. To encourage you to choose us, stay with us, and refer us, we have to step up and maintain expectations beyond today's normal customer service. Here are the tenets we measure ourselves by, and the reason we think you will be happy you choose us to design and host your website and web services.


  1. Passion

    We here at are doing exactly what we think we were born to do. We love what we do, and we think it shows in our results and attitude. Let us put our passion into building and maintaining your online website.
  2. Experience

    Portals, databases, 20 years of software development, web service technologies, e-commerce... we've worked with most Internet applications for businesses, organizations, and individuals. We will make sure you are informed on your choices as we build your Internet presence.
  3. Inclusive

    Your involvement is the most important part of the design process. Have you noticed how unique all
    our customers' websites are? They are unique because of the inclusive nature of our design processes. That's how we can guarantee you'll be satisfied.
  4. Prompt

    We check and respond to our email and voice mail everyday. We won't leave you hanging.
  5. Local

    When did being local become a virtue, you ask? If you have ever been the victum of a technical support call to an outsource center on the other side of the world then we think you will agree. We are local; Athens and North East Georgia is and always will be our home. We will meet you at your place so the focus is on you and your organization's needs.
  6. Dependable

    You can give us as little or as much creative control as you wish. You can depend on us to use our expertise in website design to build an online presence reflecting positively on your business or organization.
  7. Thorough

    We will be your one-stop-shop for your website. We register, transfer, and maintain domain names. We provide
    managed web hosting - not the $9.99 kind that leaves you fending for yourself. We will design you a new website or update your existing one. We can hand over the website maintenace to you, or we can do maintain it for you. Have any Internet related questions? Give us a call or shoot us an email.
  8. Persistent

    You won't be forgotten after your new website launch. Eventually you will need updates to your website, and we take it as another great opporunity to talk to you. We will periodically review your traffic reports and website links. We will come back to you when ever we come up with ideas we think will assist in your success. Web Design and Web Hosting is our full time job.
  9. Fast

    Sometimes you need to get your website designed or updated under a time crunch. Maybe you have already listed your future website domain name in an advertisement? That's not a problem. Just let us know, and We will take your lead and get your website up as soon as possible.
  10. Patient

    Not in a rush? We won't pressure you into decisions. We realize you have your own business or organization to run, and we will work at your pace.