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Web Design Steps

Getting started can feel overwhelming sometimes.  But don't worry, Cynthia will work closely with you to walk you through each step.

  1. We begin with a phone consult where Cynthia will get an idea of the project you have in mind.  She will follow up with an email containing more detailed questions to make sure she understands your website needs.
  2. We will then provide you with an Estimate for your project and wait for your approval. 
  3. Once you approve the estimate, a retainer of 25% will be requested to begin.
  4. Now the fun begins!  We spend approximately 2 weeks creating a graphical design of the website
  5. When ready, the design is submitted is submitted to you for approval 
  6. If the design is approved, we begin coding the design in to a working website template (usually 1-2 weeks).  If the design is not approved, we work with you to make the changes necessary before moving to the next step.
  7. Once the template is ready, we coordinate with you to organize the website content (usually 1-2 weeks).
  8. We input all the content into website for you
  9. We get final approval from you on the completed site
  10. We invoice the remaining balance (including first year's hosting).
  11. We send you the website editing instructions for your new website.  If you would like a  phone tutorial, we will gladly schedule that with you at no additional charge.

Total time is usually 4-5 weeks for a smaller site or 6-8 weeks for a larger one.