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The service industry says you can only have two (or one): Good, Fast, or Cheap.  While it may be true for big business, the concept doesn't fly with for several reasons:

  • We love what we do.

  • is a small company, and we don't hide it. Our small size is precisely our advantage and your gain. There are no layers of management to approve and process your requests. There is no third party outsourcing to complete your work. From web design, to software development, to the web hosting and search engine marketing, we manage all aspects of the website.

  • We excel at Internet service development and management. Patrick, the developer, has been writing computer programs since he was 12 and has over 20 years of experience at it. He lead service development and administration at several ISPs for over 10 years managing hundreds of servers and serving millions of customers.

  • We take responsiblity for your satisfaction. If you aren't happy, we're going to assume we did something wrong. And we're going to fix it.

  • We host the websites, develop the tools, and manage the servers ourselves. We don't outsource the hard work... we tackle it and excel. Why? We don't think you can seperate the design, development, and hosting between different companies. Good design is a good start, but how many times have you visited a website that doesn't actually WORK. We host all our customer websites to insure they WORK. Read for about our managed web hosting service.

That's right!

We are a small, family business.  We have the experience of developing and hosting for millions of customers. 

But we prefer you.

Quality: We always try our best. In fact, we usually put in a little extra into our solutions that the customer didn't asking for or get billed for. How do you get comfortable with the quality you will recieve from our service? I would suggest beginning your research by reviewing our complete customer portfolio. If we worked on it, it's in there. We didn't pick and choose the ones we thought were most likely to get us your business. Secondly, review our customer self-made testimonials. Our customers' testimonials were written solely by the customers themselves. It's a common trick to pre-write a testimonial about oneself and get sign-off by the other party. We simply ask our customers to document their experience as they saw it. If you are so inclined, we suggest that you randomly pick a few of our customers and call them to ask about us. Their telephone numbers are on their websites.

Speed: Do you know anyone with a website or are you having one maintained now? How long does it take for simple and complex changes? We work at your pace. We have designed complex web services over a weekend. We can usually update your website within 24 hours.  Most complete website design takes 4-6 weeks, but if you have a tight schedule, let us know.  We will do our best to meet your timeframes. 

Price: $60 an hour. We run an efficient and lean operation and pass the savings on to you.

Patrick & Cynthia MacDonald