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So What Does a Website Cost?

There is no quick and easy answer to that question since it's kind of like asking, "What's a house cost?"  Each one is unique and takes a different amount of time.  However, we can break it down into ranges and you should be able to figure out where you fit in based on your budget and goals.

Basic or Starter Website

These website usually cost $ 1900 - $ 2100. 

It's not a lot of time to build out a completely custom designed website, but we can pack a lot of punch into that, if you give us the go ahead!  The designs are simple and clean, yet still professional enough to represent your business well.  We keep the number of pages around 5-10.  You can include an online contact form and photo gallery, if desired.  Plus we still provide basic Search Engine Optimization (SEO) for this price.  Basic SEO includes Page Titles, Page Headers, Key Words, and Key Descriptions on all pages (based on the content you provide us).

We also include our Content Management System (CMS) with a full set of written instructions, so you can make edits and keep your website updated.

This is a great option for a new business or someone on a limited budget who still wants a site professionally designed with a company where they are more than just a number.

Average or Standard Website

These website usually take a few more hours to complete and cost $ 2100 - $ 4900.

Now this may feel like a broad price range, but I can tell you that most people fall somewhere in the middle of it.  This range is where the majority of customers fall when developing a website.  You get all the advantages of the Basic site, but with more time and more focus on additional content, more features, or possible more advanced SEO. 

To determine where you fall in this price range, Cynthia will walk through a few questions with you to find out more about your needs.  She will ask you to provide a few examples of websites you like, what pages you will need to setup, and what the primary goals of your website will be.  Armed with those details, she will be able to give you a personalized estimate for your project.

Advanced Website Setup

These websites usually take extra hours to complete or advanced knowledge and start around $ 4900.

They may include more pages than normal (20+), special software programming, database development or more advanced SEO work.