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Pettit Timber Company
Posted on Friday, December 05 @ 23:00:00 EST by admin

News about Web Design Pettit Timber Company is based out of Cartersville Georgia and are buyers of standing timber. They also provide timber appraisals, timber harvesting, land reconfiguration, and site regeneration. They also stive to uphold their social responsibilities for maintaining sustainable forest by protecting the forest and wildlife in the lands they service.

The owner of Pettit Timber saw a website we had provided for another customer and liked what they saw, so they gave a call. After talking with Charlie Pettit, Cynthia worked up a design that matched his vision and gave an informative snapshot of his company for prospective clients. He can also edit the website himself using our easy website editor, but Charlie likes knowing he can contact us anytime if he needs assistance!

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Pettit Timber Company

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