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Managed Web Hosting - $34.99 / month

Web Hosting is the service of providing space on an Internet server for your domain name and your website. Managed Web Hosting is web hosting where we take care of all the details. We register and manage your DNS domain. We monitor, backup, and manage your website. Need web services? We develop Internet accessible databases ourselves. No middlemen. No third parties. No outsourcing. No college interns. We professionally manage everything regarding your website and email.

What features come with this plan?

  • - Domains cost $19.99 / year
  • 500 Mb Disk Space
  • 7500 Mb Monthly Bandwidth 
  • Contact Forms and other common Web Tools
  • Unlimited Email Accounts and Inbound Email hosting - see above disk space rules
  • Inbox email is never blocked
  • Excellent Email Virus Protection and Pretty Good Spam Filtering
  • Webmail with the ability to store gigabytes and still be fast
  • Databases
  • WebMaster CMS - Our custom content management solution with over 20 useful modules
  • Generated Web Stats and Raw Web Logs
  • Know that you won't lose your website with's proprietary Active Offsite Backups
  • Security a concern? Guard your web guests with a SSL Certificate.
Flexible Hosting Limits: We never impose limits or disable any web hosting or email services bases on exceeding these soft limits. If your account goes over for only a couple of months then we won't bother you and won't charge you for it. If your account exceeds any limits on a consistant basis, we will review it and identify the cause. We will then talk to you personally and discuss the options. Many times overuse is the result of robot spamming or web resource hijacking.
Since we started, we have had only a couple of customers whose email usage and website visitor growth justified a rate increase. Because this development represented a growth in their business, they had no problem with the reasonable price adjustment.

Why should I pay $34.99/month when I can get web hosting for $10/month?

  • The annual difference is only $200. Your website is your doorway to the world. Is it not worth $200 a year for a better service?
  • We monitor your website 24/7/365. The $10/month provider doesn't.
  • We are proactively protecting your website from hackers. They aren't. They won't even know if you website is down unless you call and tell them.
  • With them if your mailbox gets full then emails to you get blocked. We never do that.
  • Have a specific question about your website or hosting... who are you going to talk to with them? A call receptionist from India?
  • Need to restore a web page from a specific day? No problem with us.
  • Have a question about your webstats? We can tell you the real in's and out's because we too are a small business / organization and monitor our own stats and those for our 250+ website customers. Will the call receptionist be able to help you with website traffic questions by reading from a script?
  • Ever been locked out of your website or email? Since we ARE the web hosting company, we as the web designers will always have immediate and complete access to your website, email, and web data.
  • Need new hosting functionality? We frequently accommodate our customers by changing our services to fit their needs. Do you think a multi-million dollar corporation is going to change their software for your personal needs?